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Blaze Defense Systems offers a variety of fire suppression products and deployment systems for various applications. The majority of our gear is designed and developed for first responders in mind. Tested, tried and true, our gear has been put through the test on a variety of levels.

From compact, pocket size deployable fire suppression tools, hand held refillable units, backpack worn units, even larger skid and wheeled units, we have something for everyone.

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Blaze Defense Systems can customize any medical kit to your need. We specialize in standard and customized medical and trauma kits for first responder teams, large and small. We have access to a wide variety of products and options to fit your department needs.

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Blaze Defense Systems prides themselves on offering NIJ rated body armor proudly made in the USA from various ballistic levels.

From ballsitic IIIA helmets, armored plates in soft armor IIIA, Level IIIA+ SRT, Level III, Level III+, and Level IV armor solution, Blaze has you covered.”

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“Blaze Defense Systems offers the entire Law Enforcement product line of Avon respiratory products as well as their ballistic helmet line featuring Team Wendy brand accessories and components. “

Avon Protection is a world leader in Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE), providing complete solutions for Air, Land and Sea based personnel in Military, Law Enforcement, First Responder community, Firefighting and Industrial sectors globally.

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Convert practically ANY VEST with a cummerbund and molle to a BDS Quick (QR) Release Conversion Kit. 

The BDS QR Conversion Kit allows the user to adapt the QR Conversion Kit to the “under flap” of the front portion of your vest, where you normally keep your AR Magazines, Medical, etc.  Instead of “Fighting the Flap”, just convert to the QR Conversion Kit for ease of getting in and out of your carrier system.  Works on all vests we’ve tried this on that have a cummerbund that wraps around to the front of a vest.

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Blaze Defense System’s supplies several less lethal and non-lethal device options for agencies looking at other alternatives rather than the traditional crowd control mentality. We strive to continually search for better means of effectively taming a crowd or individual, allowing the user the time to address the situation and take control.

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