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Our objective is the comfort and safety of your dog

Our products are created with high-resistance materials used by military personnel around the world and, in addition, they look great! With OENK9 you will have your canine partner, safe, and comfortable at your side.

Oenk9 offers unique, safe and ergonomic products (collars with handle, leashes with double handle, molle, laser cut patches) with camouflage of original patterns and details made by hand with laser cut.

Suitable for dogs of Canine Units

All of our materials are made by official suppliers of different armies and they meet all MILSPEC rules and military specifications.

Collars and leashes with safety locks

With OENK9 products you will never have to worry about a pull, or that your dog will run or the lock could break. Our closures are the safest that you will find in the market.

Finest design with a tactical and urban stile

This collars and leashes can be used while just have a walk with your dog, as well as to train it, due the ease and comfort to hold and direct it.


Company Website
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